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Nation Transfer

tootlestootles Shady Spring, WVPosts: 2Member
Hello, Today I bought 3250 knight cash, I immediatly spend 2000 of it on a nation transfer, and the rest on scrolls and such. Well, I waited until Status said (ready) and I quit my clan, missions, ect. Logged off, and went to the website. Logged in my account, saw the national transfer, clicked transfer. Confirmed transfer. Then it says  ( oops, knight online could not complete transfer, because it didnt like script or summin like that. [i](I would tell you the exact message however....)[/i] Then I try again, and its not even in my account info on the Web site. I immediatly go on KO and log on, Still no transfer. Please someone help me figure this out. If there is no solution I would like my Knight cash back, spend 30 dollars and don't intend for it to be wasted! Thank you all for your trouble.


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