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  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    Kootur said:

    This dude is also racist as fuck. Either that or he just tries to be controversial. Regardless hes probably full of shit and anything he say should be taken with a grain of salt.
    As a white guy myself, I think he's a little bit of both.

    I was looking through google image search at some of the tweets folks put up as examples of his racism.  It's about half bigotry, half accurate social commentary that's presented in an overly abrasive manner.
    "social commentary" is that what spouting off far-left anti-white talking points is called today?
    Did you see my post, or just see that I didn't wholesale condemn the guy, immediately flash to red, and post?

    When he posts about Hollywood whitewashing or giving roles to white folks that are certainly not white roles, he's not making shit up.  Case in point:

    Why the hell would Christian Bale be cast as Moses, and Joel Edgerton as Ramses.  Da fuq?
    The opposite is also very true, though not many bother to point out. For example, who thought it was a good idea to have a black gunslinger in the dark tower or a black torch in fantastic four and so on ...
  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    I just want to reiterate the obvious here: Fuck EA
  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    Alverant said:

    Xasapis said:

    The guy who single handed killed one of the biggest franchises in gaming by given 5 years of free reign by EA, has the audacity to blame them. This is both sad and hilarious.

    Maybe if he was more focused into hiring competent people and making good games (as opposed of hiring based on identity politics and promoting sjw propaganda), Mass Effect would be alive and thriving today.

    Again I see the boogie man of "SJW" while conveniently forgetting the outsourced programming and other glitches that has nothing to do with the dreaded "SJW" or whatever garbage excuse people give for denying the reality that gamers are more than white straight men.
    Not a boogieman when it's true. You may want to call it that but reality shows its very true and one of the reasons why ME3 and many companies are failing.
  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    SBFord said:

    Aeander said:

    He is probably correct in his assertion this time, but why are we giving Manveer Heir any credibility?

    Because whether or not you like his politics, he is still an "insider" in both BioWare and at EA. His points with regard to microtransactions and EA's killing off of single player AAA games stand as valid.

    C'mon... "Politics"?
    The guy is a massive racist, you left out the best part of that interview on why he thought Me3 failed.
  • All you MMO newbs were warned about F2P. Yet you supported it.

    Phry said:
    ciely said:
    meanwhile there are p2p games with p2w cash shops, p2w isn't a exclusive to f2p games.
    And there are B2P games that have p2w cash shops that make some F2P cash shops look positively benevolent.
    The problem is that the cash shops with P2W features has become more acceptable, but no matter how much we blame the publishers/developers the real culprits are those who buy such items in the first place, its just supply meeting demand, so no matter how egregious such things become, the only way it is going to stop, is when people stop giving them money to encourage it.
    In korea, pay2win is widely accepted there, pretty much every mmo that comes from that part of the world is pretty much guarnteed to be pay2win. The problem is the west hates that because they feel fair competition is the way to go. Sadly as account numbers show pay2win games make the money as there are always the idiots who feel they need to be #1 in some random crappy mmorpg no one cares about. The ones who will spend thousands a month to do it. Some mobile games go about this in a really shady way.  Second income from the newest server slows down they open a new one, because they know these big spenders have like some NEED to be #1 so alot of them will move to the new server and spend thousands again to be #1, I think the term is called rolling servers or something, its very rampant in korean mmo/mobile games.. mostly the mobile ones.

    If your into mobile games, know this: every single one is pay2win usually pretty badly, this is because the ones that are more fair to free players end up closing. In generally I notice if the game has any sort of "units/characters" with rarity levels, its going to be pretty pay2win and not only in getting the char you want.
  • Haunted House Tour 2017 - SotA Community Project - Shroud of the Avatar Video Podcast

    The_Vooch said:

    > His entire post history is in the WTB section of the forums

    This is a lie. I've also posted about events, commented on the economy, and posted about charity. When was the last time you ever did anything for a charity?

    > None of that is crafted

    Another lie. The vast majority of items at the place are crafted or taken from NPC towns (ie. free).

    > He paid thousands for a POT and furnished it with his bank account.

    Another lie. I've never owned a POT.

    Get your facts straight, man!

    - Vooch
    So how much did it cost to put that all together?
  • All you MMO newbs were warned about F2P. Yet you supported it.

    DMKano said:
    OP - just because there is a patent now - it doesn't mean that this as not been going on for years already.

    Exactly which side are you trying to make a case for here? If you are defending the model, this statement doesn't do a very good job.

    Facts have no sides. They just are.

  • 'AAA Games at EA Are Dead for the Time-Being' & Microtransactions Are Why

    That's OK, EA has been dead to me for while now... also there are plenty of games to play that aren't just shallow open world lootbox shops, so meh.
  • New Ship - Introductory Price of $850

    Zandog said:

    but we have no idea of anything. what fuel, price, 'power cells?' maybe fuel is free? maybe its not? maybe 'effective operating condition' is hitting one button for everyone. That is the point, you are applying a lot of unknowns and seem to suggest they are factual.

    I suggest you guys not speculate on what you do not know and maybe instead say 'they claim its going to be fair but I dont see how that is possible'
    that statement sounds  a lot more reasonable

    But as an unfinished game where everything is in such flux and nothing is set in stone, including the comments officially made like the one I off the cuff referenced by CIG Community Engagement Ben Liznick , isn't everything discussed speculative? You can suggest anyone not speculate when the entire content frame in which we can speak is all speculation. The only thing we know is that the game is currently in development.

    here is what is not speculation

    FACT: They have stated that the game will not provide advantages to people who buy early
    FACT: we have no idea how they will do that

    CONCLUSION: its best to say 'they claim they will not provide advantages but I do not see how that is possible we will have to wait and see

    INSTEAD OF: making up random things and acting like they are fact.

    that goes for both sides of this debate.

    So again I ask for people to understand that:
    'Although they have stated that it will not be an advantage we do not know as of yet how they will do that but until then lets not assume its a fact that they will go against their public statements although it is possible'

    is that an unreasonable stance to you?
  • Battle.Net App Update - OFFLINE MODE ADDED, Gifting Friends Through App Too - World of Warcraft - MM

    Fine-f'ing-ly, Blizzard. only took a "deal" with Bungie to bring Destiny 2 to BattleNet to get Offline Mode added after over a decade. :| At least that's my thinking on the update. All these new features came about after it was announced that D2 would be on BattleNet.