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  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    It's not  about being suspicious of corporations. It's about the corporations who have control and influence of infrastructures like INTERNET pipeline AND broadcast (and highway billboards across the US which is another conversation). 

    I don't need Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon.

    I do need internet, therefore it's not "hilarious" that I'm in favor of some other billion dollar corps spending THEIR dollars to combat a common enemy. An enemy of an enemy is a friend. Internet Privacy, and Big Data Usage isn't covered under Title II and won't be if it's repealed so why bring it up at all?

    We can deal with Big Data AFTER somebody takes Ajit Pai's Reeses Peanut Butter Cup coffee mug and bashes it into his skull before he uses his fed position to do a solid to his former employer.

    Yah, what is hilarious is how some of you scoff at people against big corps f#$%ing over tax payers, while flapping gums about government corruption when AJIT PAI IS A FORMER VERIZON ATTORNEY. It's like Wall Street f#$%ery all over again  :|
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    The principle of net neutrality is wonderful. The current rules are crap. All of the large internet business companies are supporting it because they benefit from it not the smaller ISPs. What they're afraid of is if actual transparency rules are enacted they'll have to reveal all of the underhanded crap they are up to with your data and that they're manipulating their search results etc. to benefit themselves while claiming they're just looking out for us. It's hilarious that anyone suspicious of corporations would be in favor of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon lobbying supposedly on our behalf. 
  • Destiny 2 - Our Curse of Osiris Review -

    Base game players just lost content with this expansion. And barely 1 month after launch in PC!! Its not that you wont have access to the new cool shinies if you dont buy the expansion, wich is somewhat understandable, its that you lost things you paid for in less than 2 months since launch.

    ¿How fucked up is that?

    Not gonna comment on the ridiculous ammount of content the expansion provide and the heavy ballast that is a console oriented UI/optinos/communications system wich exploits 0 of the utilities that PCs offer.

    I heavely regret paying 60 bucks for this con of a game. Even Defiance was a better "mmo" shooter. You cant live only on good music and graphics. And sweet mother of mercy if you gonna build a nice lore use it for something!!

    I was dissapointed with the game but this expansion, and its robbery of content for players that dont want to pay the mafia expansaion taxes, is just too much of a fraud.
  • Why dont they just make world of warcraft 2?

    I think they tried to with cataclysm.  I would love a completely refreshed game though. . . mind you the classic servers will be that for me since it has been so long.

    I always think I would love a WOW2, but then I realize I have seen it attempted so many times and never got into any of them.  If you don't like the current game with the changes and expansions chances are you wouldn't like a new base game from them built with the same philosophies.   I get the dream though.
  • Will Competitive Gaming Take Away Our Single Player Fun? - Garrett Fuller -

    I prefer to play single player games or to run solo in MMO's.
    It's just that competitive games are so freaking toxic these days, it just ruins it for me personally.
  • Graphics

    I just looked at videos of Pantheon, the graphics do not impress me, and the animations look uninspiring. My problem with the MMO genre is not going to be fixed by a game like this that likely has limited innovation. It's probably why I'm playing a survival game now because it is new and innovative to me at least. 

    Oh well. I will likely not play this game unless they do something truly innovative. 

    They have plenty of fresh stuff going into the game, but at this point just having a survival style mmorpg again (where healing takes time and resources and death has impact) will make for an experience that feels new to most people. You should probably look into what the game is going to offer before making a decision. Would also be recommended that you don't judge the pre-alpha state of graphics and animations as a finished product. The game has come a long way.




    It's a work in progress.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    There is no point arguing for pages with people about politics. Just make your point and move on is the best policy. Every once in a while you its good to correct mis-information from people who didn't really put much research in on the subject. They will naturally reject any of your claims with long winded posts, but you aren't changing their mind regardless. It's the people in the middle who will change their mind on the subject depending on the strength of the argument made.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    I wish that Ajit Pai would take a long walk off a short pier.  The USA voted-in these type of people, & those that would place them into these positions, so we're sadly getting what we deserve.  The USA will be taking a couple of steps backwards the next few years upon multiple fronts & this will probably be just one example.
    I would respond but I was told politics aren't allowed here so I can't state what I wanted too......

    Oh man that is exactly what the 2015 rules will do to Americans! I won't be responding to this thread again. You can head over and debate me on Utube Net Neutrality threads!
  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    The thread title is wrong.  There is nothing "micro" about many of those transactions.  "Buy this for $100" is not a "micro" transaction.
  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    Either CIG doesn't need the money, and it's just greed; or they do need the money and it's a testament to previous wasteful development. 

    Either way, they're pretty sure the fish are biting.....